Water Treatment - Vans


Water is an essential part of our lives; none of us can exist without it.  However, have you ever wondered how clean is the water you use?  It is essential that water storage tanks and cooling towers are kept clean on a continual basis. Neglected water storage tanks and reservoirs are high risk areas for the spread of the potentially fatal Legionella and other types of bacteria, which proliferate in stagnant or contaminated conditions.

Disinfection, chemical cleaning and manual desludging of cooling towers should be undertaken at least twice a year as described in the Approved Code of Practice ACoPL8/HSG274 Parts 1, 2 & 3 and more frequent cleaning may be necessary depending on the local environmental conditions.

Houseman follow best practice procedures and use a combination of chemical cleaning and disinfection techniques for treating both hot and cold water systems.

Our Chemical Cleaning & Legionella Treatment Services include for the following:-

  • 24 hour emergency disinfection service.
  • Legionella risk assessments.
  • Chemical cleaning using disinfectants and chlorination.
  • Thermal disinfection, i.e. heating water to a temperature at which Legionella cannot survive.
  • Storage tank chemical cleaning and chlorination including associated pipework.
  • Cooling tower water treatment, cleaning and disinfection.
  • Cooling tower replacement, refurbishment and repairs.

Tailored Service

We place great emphasis on the service aspect of a water treatment programme. Regular service visits ensure that your plant is benefitting from the tailored water treatment programme, operating efficiently and receiving the correct application of treatment chemicals in the most economical manner.

We have a comprehensive range of services that will ensure compliance with regulations and the complete reassurance.

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