Water System

Closed System Analysis

Houseman Water Treatment Programme’s offer a planned preventative maintenance service for closed systems.

'To provide the necessary chemicals/equipment/ and supervisory service which will best assist the client in maintaining the closed systems, free of waterside deposits such as, calcium carbonate scales, corrosion and products of corrosion, micro-biological activity and fouling.'

The basis of the service is that it is 'planned and preventative', it saves time and therefore money on reactive events such as callouts, repairs etc., (and the collateral damage to furnishing and fittings), further because it is planned, the cost is predictable, allowing you to budget.

Closed systems, tend to be overlooked by most building owners/operators, but when they go wrong, the cost can be enormous, not only in terms of physical replacement of equipment but also in terms of disruption to the business. Typical problems associated with a poorly maintained system are;

  • 'too hot' or 'too cold', ie. poor heat distribution
  • reduced efficiency in terms of
  • increasing energy bills and
  • decreasing staff morale, and efficiency
  • leaks from fan coil units therefore
  • damage to ceiling tiles and decor
  • increasing your repair costs, both in terms of frequency and amount of spend

Houseman Water Treatment Programme' proposal starts with a comprehensive chemical and micro-biological analysis, of the system water. The results of which, will be used to diagnose any problems, and too develop a site specific water treatment regime for your water system. A qualified and competent Houseman Engineer will visit site regularly to take samples of water, for analysis, using the 'Houseman Ukas Laboratory'. Dependent upon the results obtained, the engineer, will make recommendations as to what is needed to be done.

The 'Houseman Water Treatment Programme' can also include the servicing and/or the maintenance of dosing and pre-treatment equipment. 

The 'Houseman Water Treatment Programme' includes the highest standard of customer care, in the form of an unparalleled supervisory service, to assist the client to maintain the system free from corrosion, calcium carbonate scale, presence of micro-biological activity and fouling.

The water treatment regime will of course give the benefit of compliance to the guidance given in British Standard BS2486 (1997).