Deep Cleaning

We employ two methods of decontamination.


TOUCH-POINT Surface cleaning – covering all regular touch-points in your establishment.

FOGGING – Our fogging process is carried out throughout your establishment using approved anti-microbial disinfectants. 

If you suspect your staff and/or establishment may be at risk from infection from the Coronavirus, call us today and we will arrange a site visit and quotation as soon as possible. Once contracted we can then carry out disinfection of your premises to the appropriate standards and guidelines to prevent any further spread of the coronavirus.

Common signs of coronavirus infection include breathing difficulties, a fever, coughs and shortness of breath. In more severe cases, the infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.

Preventative measures for the coronavirus include regular washing of hands and covering nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing. In addition, it is important to thoroughly cook meat and eggs. You should also avoid close contact with anyone showing coronavirus symptoms. For more information on the coronavirus please follow review government guidelines and associated advice.

Completion of this process will be to the following British Standards:

BS EN 1650         BS EN 13704

BS EN 1276         BS EN 14675

BS EN 14476       EU 2015/830



How Do We Perform Decontamination?

To effectively get rid of infectious microbes and to prevent recontamination, we do the following:

Risk assessment – In this step, we determine equipment is a high, intermediate or low risk. This is important in order to know which items need to be cleaned and decontaminated more thoroughly.

Cleaning – Before proceeding to the decontamination process, we first clean all the surfaces, equipment. All of these must be free from any visible dirt.

Choosing the right disinfectant solutions to be used – You must know that not all viruses and bacteria can be killed using a single type of disinfectant solution. Based on the risk assessment we have done, we then choose the disinfectant solutions that will be best in decontamination.

While performing the decontamination process, we make sure that all of our employees are protected so that they may not be infected by the microorganisms. This is also done to prevent the possibility of spreading the microorganisms outside your

Decontamination reduces the possibility of the instruments and equipment in your establishment from being contaminated. This will help you greatly, as a decontaminated area provide greater confidence in your workplace.