Houseman own brand chemicals

NB: Please see attached schedule relating to THE BIOCIDAL PRODUCTS REGULATIONS (BPR) - we will be adopting this from its inception September 2015  PDF

Downloads available for the Product Data and Safety Data Sheets. Should you require any further information or wish to purchase chemicals please make your enquiry through this website and we will contact you immediately.

Also available to purchase are re-agents and test kits, please enquire via our contact us tab.

Product Name Type DescriptionSizeDataSafety
1.HOUSEMAN CS502 MULTITREAT TD Tannin based inhibitor for closed circuits. Also contains Benzotriazole and polymer dispersant. Dose at 3000 – 4000ppm. 25L/29KGPDF PDF
2.HOUSEMAN 220 MULTITREAT TA Tannin based inhibitor for closed circuits 25L/30KGPDFPDF
3.HBD101 DISPERSANT BIOSPERSE 1 Biofilm dispersant for use in cooling towers. Dose rate for continuous dosing 1 – 2.5ppm 25L/25KGPDFPDF
4.H1(S)201 ENVIROHIB 400 Silicate based corrosion inhibitor for soft water. Dose 100–150ppm. Suitable for waters with 25–80ppm hardness 25L/32KGPDF PDF
5.BROMINE TABLETS BCDMH (LC) Bromine release biocide tablets 22.7KGPDF PDF
6.HOUSEMAN OT 140 MULTITREAT 15 Multipurpose boiler water treatment. Sulphite/alk/polymer/phos 25L/30KGPDF PDF
7.FORMIC ACID 85% FORMIC ACID (85%) 85% Formic acid 25L/30KGPDFPDF
8.HOUSEMAN RESINTREAT IONPURGE 2 Resin cleaner for removal of iron. 1 litre per 20 litres of resin. 25L/26KG PDF PDF
10.HOUSEMAN SULPHAMIC ACID DIZSOLVE Sulphamic acid powder for scale removal 25KGPDF PDF
11.HOUSEMAN SULPHAMIC ACID DIZSOLVE Sulphamic acid powder for scale removal 10KGPDF PDF
12.HOUSEMAN SODIUM THIOSULPHATE Sodium Thiosulphate (Crystals) Sodium thiosulphate crystals for neutralising chlorine solutions 25KG PDF PDF
13.HOUSEMAN SODIUM THIOSULPHATE SOLUTION 25% Sodium Thiosulphate Liquid de-chlorinating agent 25L/28KGPDFPDF
14.HOUSEMAN CHLORINE DIOXIDE MICROBIOCIDE CD 2% stabilised chlorine dioxide solution + activator 25L/25KGPDF PDF
15.HOUSEMAN SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE Microbiocide HB15 15% Hypochlorite 25L/32KGPDF PDF
16.HWT INHIBITED ETHYLENE GLYCOL Inhibited Glycol HWT Inhibited Ethylene Glycol is used as an antifreeze for closed chilled water systems KGPDF PDF
17.HWT MICROBIOCIDE WTM3 MICROBIOCIDE WTM3 Biocide, contains 1.5% isothiazolinone. Dose rate 200ppm 25L/26KG PDF PDF
18.HWT MULTITREAT PC5 MULTITREAT PC5 All in one pre-commission cleaner. Dose rate 0.5 – 2%. 25L/30KG PDF PDF