Training Services

Houseman provides a complete range of training services to allow you to comply with all current HSE guidance for legionella control-ACoP L8.

Why use Houseman Training?
Industry experts-qualified Chemists BSc(Hons) MRSC, MWMSoc.
Over 25 years experience in water treatment/legionella control, 15 years training experience.
Our trainiers have experience of dealing with the HSE and prosecutions-so are able to impart unique knowledge.
Bespoke courses provided to suit the audience.

Training is typically undertaken at your site, but alternative venues can be arranged if required.

See below for our range of training support, this includes from general legionella awareness, responsible person training to specific operator training as required. Specific operator training includes cleaning & disinfection, the correct monitoring and testing of hot & cold water, and cooling tower/evaporative condenser systems.

In addition we also provide training for steam boiler operators, to include awareness of water treatment, and improving the efficiency of the system operation.

The correct water treatment of closed heating and cooling/chilled systems training can be provided as requested.

We will customise a training course to your needs if our standard courses do not meet your requirements.

General Courses

General legionella awareness, a history of legionella, including a review of the ACoP L8 and current guidelines.

Responsible Person Course-what you need to know as the responsible person. Reviews recent outbreaks/prosecutions-what went wrong and how to prevent this happening to you.

Operator Training-for the local manager/operator of the system.

Operator Training-Specific Courses

Monitoring & Testing of Hot and Cold Water Services

Monitoring & Testing of Cooling Tower/Evaporative Condenser Systems-includes improving efficiency

Monitoring & Testing of Steam Boiler Systems

Monitoring & Testing of Closed Heating and Cooling/Chilled Water Systems

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